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If you desperately need help with your case please visit:

What we can help you with:

  1. Consultation– You will receive valuable information about the

    courts, social services, social workers, and their collaborative partners. We will listen to you and help you decide your best course of action. We have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with CPS and the Juvenile Dependency INDUSTRY. Are they lying? Are they falsifying evidence? Fail to submit exculpatory evidence (evidence that shows innocence)? Are you and your children being separated for no real reason? Are they failing to place your child with relatives or close friends? Have they placed your child on psychotropic medication without your consent? Have they placed your child with the real abusing parent? Have they filed a restraining order against you? Are they making you drug test? Are they feeding your child negative impressions about you? Has your visitation been reduced or eliminated? Has the court terminated your reunification services? These are the most common problems however, each case is unique. We are here to evaluate your case and help you get your children returned to you as soon as possible! Don’t wait, the clock is ticking and they use every second against you.

  2. Follow the link above, checkout with your consultation package, and we will contact you immediately to get you in a better position against Child Protective Services and the Juvenile Dependency Court.


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